The Twisted World of Fiber, Hooks, Needles, Wheels and Dating after Widowhood

This is my story, and I'm sticking to it. Warts and all. I wanted to call it 'Seriously? WTF?', but that doesn't quite explain it all. Or does it?

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Comcast vs the Power Grid

Well, The Boy finally got a service call Comcast, also know at our house as either “The Company That Sucks Moose Cock”, or “Sucks Monkey Balls”.  Take your pick.  It was scheduled for Tuesday between 1 & 3.  At 2pm, they called and said the guy got a flat tire, so they were rescheduling for Wednesday. I already had rescheduled a delivery to my house and took the day off work to wait for their installers.  The Boy went ballistic on them, so they sent a different crew.  This is where the REAL trouble began.  The service guy shows up with a rookie trainee, and proceeds to let him drill through the molding and wall to the outside. While he waited in the nice warm truck.  Leaving the rookie totally unsupervised.   Apparently, no one measured, and the kid drilled dead center into the power line that runs into the electric meter.  The rookie is lucky to be alive.  How he didn't get electrocuted, we will never know.  The siding on the house is burned, the shrub and grass was on fire, and power to 2 blocks was knocked out.  This takes incompetence to a new level.  We had to get PSE&G to do an emergency call to reset the transformers in the neighborhood.  And each time a neighbor asked the Comcast people what happened, they said it wasn't them.  They have nothing to do with power.  Really?  REALLY?????  The Boy was on duty clear across the County and had to be reassigned to take care of this, and an electrician had to come restore temporary power.  He STILL didn’t have cable or internet.  Comcast sure lives up to their service commitment, don’t they?
The electrician came back in the morning to give him new service and a new electric meter.  The cable guy, who promised to be there between 8 & 8:30am, showed up promptly at 9:30.  The head supervisor said that they will take care of the electrician’s charges (ya think?!) and replace the burned siding.  Since it is a color that they will never match, I think they have to reside the whole house, don’t you?

Friday, December 17, 2010

A Novelette

A million things have happened since my last blog post.  Thanksgiving dinner sucked.  I was supposed to fry the turkey, but it rained/sleeted all day, so into the oven it went.  The Daughter Figure was running late, so she asked that we hold dinner for an hour.  No problem- except that I left the turkey in the oven instead of putting it on the counter.  It was dry.  The ham was major salty (not my fault), the fresh cranberry sauce tasted like ass because I forgot to put the apples in it, my sister's green bean casserole was soupy, and nobody made mashed potatoes. Sigh……….
 The Boy didn’t close on his house when he was supposed to.  He closed a week later, but is finally in his house.  He has curtains in the living room, and blankets and towels on the windows in the bedroom.  lol    There is food in the fridge, and the BF helped us take down the wall between the living room and dining room.  Speaking of The BF, he moved in last Wednesday morning, and The Boy moved out that afternoon.  I drove the U-Haul from here to Middletown & back, unloaded it, then reloaded it with The Boy’s stuff.  We made a few trips between the houses, and then returned the truck that night, but not before my back went out and I had to make a trip to the chiropractor at 6:30pm.  There were still major remnants of The Boy around the house, but I have slowly removed most traces of him by loading his crap in the back of my car and dropping it on his porch.  He continues to have a fairly major presence in the basement (2 drum sets), and we won’t even mention the garage or shed.  lolol
The Boy has gone over a week without cable and internet.  Did you know that Comcast sucks moose cock?  Big time?  It seems that the last tenants of the house left without paying their bill or returning their equipment.  Because of this, The Boy has had to fax proof that he owns the house to Comcast corporate offices- TWICE.  The renters were Hispanic, and he is German.  The name is TOTALLY different. After seeing a deed, a bill addressed to him, his license and his social security card, you would think it would all be good, but apparently, that’s not how they roll at Comcast.  He still has no response from them, so I think he will be saying “Hello, Fios!”
Things have gone well at my house with The BF having moved in with the 3 cats.  The dogs are fascinated with them, and the cats do a lot of hissing and swatting.  All is right with the world. And they didn’t eat the conure yet, so I guess that’s a good thing.  They also seem to be very leery of the chinchilla- I think he moves too quickly and makes a lot of noise on his wheel,  and they don’t like that.  I have had discussions with both the dogs and the cats about living in harmony, but it hasn’t sunk in.  I have told the cats if they don’t run, the dogs won’t chase them.  And I told the dogs that the cats do not appreciate your barking in their face with your ass in the air.  And they don’t like to have their butts sniffed.   The good thing about having dogs and cats is that you don’t really have to scoop the poop out of the litter box.  The dogs do it for you.  Hahahaha  Blech!!!!
I was worried about The Daughter Figure coming home now that The BF has moved in, but when he got home from work yesterday, she asked him if she could hug him.  I almost cried.  But I didn’t.  ‘Cause I’m German.  We all went to dinner and had a nice time.  When we got back home, they spent a lot of time together playing with the cats and looking up stuff on the internet.  I am keeping my fingers crossed.