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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Comcast vs the Power Grid

Well, The Boy finally got a service call Comcast, also know at our house as either “The Company That Sucks Moose Cock”, or “Sucks Monkey Balls”.  Take your pick.  It was scheduled for Tuesday between 1 & 3.  At 2pm, they called and said the guy got a flat tire, so they were rescheduling for Wednesday. I already had rescheduled a delivery to my house and took the day off work to wait for their installers.  The Boy went ballistic on them, so they sent a different crew.  This is where the REAL trouble began.  The service guy shows up with a rookie trainee, and proceeds to let him drill through the molding and wall to the outside. While he waited in the nice warm truck.  Leaving the rookie totally unsupervised.   Apparently, no one measured, and the kid drilled dead center into the power line that runs into the electric meter.  The rookie is lucky to be alive.  How he didn't get electrocuted, we will never know.  The siding on the house is burned, the shrub and grass was on fire, and power to 2 blocks was knocked out.  This takes incompetence to a new level.  We had to get PSE&G to do an emergency call to reset the transformers in the neighborhood.  And each time a neighbor asked the Comcast people what happened, they said it wasn't them.  They have nothing to do with power.  Really?  REALLY?????  The Boy was on duty clear across the County and had to be reassigned to take care of this, and an electrician had to come restore temporary power.  He STILL didn’t have cable or internet.  Comcast sure lives up to their service commitment, don’t they?
The electrician came back in the morning to give him new service and a new electric meter.  The cable guy, who promised to be there between 8 & 8:30am, showed up promptly at 9:30.  The head supervisor said that they will take care of the electrician’s charges (ya think?!) and replace the burned siding.  Since it is a color that they will never match, I think they have to reside the whole house, don’t you?


  1. So... inquiring minds want to know! What happened? Are we doing the litigation dance? Is that how you threw out your back after Christmas... or was it from some other.... er... activity? Do tell!

  2. The Boy is still waiting for the adjuster to come, but even Comcast agrees that they will NEVER match 30 year old siding, so push to reside the WHOLE house! :-) And no, no dancing here yet. Soon........ :-)