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Monday, March 7, 2011

Rowan, How I Love Thee..............

I love everything about Rowan.  EVERYTHING!  I love their yarns – Silk wool dk, Cashsoft dk, Calmer, Big Wool, Biggie Print, Summer Tweed, the list goes on.  I am anxiously waiting on an order from Jimmy Beans Wool Watcher for 12 skeins of Pure Life British Sheep Breeds BFL in mid brown Jacob.  I need a 12-step program for their Wool Watcher site.  Grrrrrr. 

I love Rowan’s patterns!  I am making the Anise (unfortunately not in a Rowan yarn), and the pattern is brilliant!   First, it’s in centimeters!  So nice to swatch in cm! Then, they assume you are intelligent enough to not need everything spelled out ad-nauseum.  They have you match the front to the back shapings by counting down 9 rows to start the decreases, measure the stockinette for the fronts against the back to start the double moss stitch, flip the fronts, etc!  Come on, we all do this anyway, so why waste a lot of words and paper, right?  Thank you, Rowan, for knowing we use our brains to knit.  I am on the 2nd front, then will do both sleeves at the same time, as they are worked flat.  The only thing is, I need a real Knitter to figure where I can shorten the sleeves.  From the armscye, it is 46cm (18 inches) long.  That would put the sleeve length past my fingertips. Tuesday knit night, Here I Come!  I would post pix, but Blogger is sucking right now and won't open the upload link.  Sigh..........................

Sock update- I am still wimping on turning my heel.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Stray pup needs Help!

While on duty on Sunday, my son found a 3 month old puppy in one of the parks.  He was full of bite marks, and had a badly broken leg.  The Humane Society took him in, did a complete work-up, and had to send this poor baby to a specialty vet for surgery.  His leg is badly damaged, and the surgery and therapy is going to run almost $3,000.00 dollars.  we are asking to please find it in your heart to make a donation to his surgery and recovery.  The info for donations is as follows:

All donations can be sent to Associated Humane Societies,
124 Evergreen Avenue, Newark, NJ  07114
...Attn:  Res-Q Fund. (Riggs).  The dog’s  ID# is 99291

All this poor baby wanted when he found him was, food, water and to nuzzle.  He is the sweetest thing I've ever met, and I know ALL THE DOGS.  lol