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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Stray pup needs Help!

While on duty on Sunday, my son found a 3 month old puppy in one of the parks.  He was full of bite marks, and had a badly broken leg.  The Humane Society took him in, did a complete work-up, and had to send this poor baby to a specialty vet for surgery.  His leg is badly damaged, and the surgery and therapy is going to run almost $3,000.00 dollars.  we are asking to please find it in your heart to make a donation to his surgery and recovery.  The info for donations is as follows:

All donations can be sent to Associated Humane Societies,
124 Evergreen Avenue, Newark, NJ  07114
...Attn:  Res-Q Fund. (Riggs).  The dog’s  ID# is 99291

All this poor baby wanted when he found him was, food, water and to nuzzle.  He is the sweetest thing I've ever met, and I know ALL THE DOGS.  lol

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  1. I can't have hime, but, I want him SOOOOO BAAAD!!! He is super cute!! =)