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Monday, January 10, 2011

Really, Insurance Company? Really?

            After almost 3 months of doctors, blood work and more doctors, The BF has a diagnosis.  He was born with a genetic disease called Klinefelter Syndrome.  Nice that it took 46 years for someone to figure this out.  It explains so many things about him, though.  It is a very interesting chromosomal abnormality that is not inherited; it's just a 'shit happens' kind of thing.  Ok, so now we have a diagnosis (which I suspected from the beginning, but who am I)?  lol 
            We have a prescription for a testosterone gel, and a $40.00 per prescription discount card.  All is good, right?  Well, I take everything to the pharmacy, the guy plugs in all the info, and it comes back DENIED.  Ok, I will not hyperventilate in front of the nice pharmacist guy.  He assures me he will fax the necessary info/forms to the doctor, and the doc will hash it out with the insurance company.  I go home, empty handed, and immediately call the doctor’s office.  I’m sure they don’t want to hear from the girlfriend, but I don’t give a shit.  Since it is lunchtime, I leave a message with the insurance woman at the office.  I text The BF and tell him to also call.  I wait a few hours, and call again- this time speaking to the woman at the main desk.  I then call the pharmacy- twice.  Nothing back from the doctor, and the claim is still denied.  A different pharmacist assures me she will re-fax the papers to the doctor.  I am starting to think that choosing women doctors was a mistake.  A male doctor would totally get it, and would have personally called the insurance company.  lol  
            The mission tomorrow, since The BF is off, is to both keep calling the doctor’s office until they beg us to stop.  Oh, and in case you were wondering, because I was, to fill it without insurance is $366.00.  Oy fucking vey!

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