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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hedgie pix

      Ok, I finally finished the Hedgehog, and he is in the machine felting as I type this.  I even remembered to take before pix.  lol  Thank you, Debbie for the eyelash yarn, because in a fit of stupidity, I threw all mine away figuring I would never use it again.  And of course, now I want to make ALL. THE. HEDGEHOGS.  Sigh.................

 Before felting- kinda looks like roadkill   :-)

After felting in my Kenmore Oasis, which doesn't have an agitator thingy.  He doesn't look very comfortable jammed between the iron & the gallon of distilled water, but it is holding him in the shape I need him to be.
The Oasis does an ok job of felting, I just have to run the water in the slop sink to get it as hot as possible to go in the machine.  I throw a couple of big bath towels in with whatever I'm felting, and run it through two wash only cycles.  I have no idea what yarn this is.  It had no labels.  He will have eyes tomorrow.  :-)  Still not sure what I'm doing for a nose, though.


  1. OMG...He's so cute!! I love him!!

  2. Thanks! Maybe he can play with Hiram one day. lol