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Monday, January 31, 2011

#%*&% cat ears

      Have I mentioned that I hate knitting these fucking cat ears for the Stackable Cats?  They should use this part of the pattern to torture prisoners, I swear to God.  The medium cat has 5 ears- 3 attempted on dpns, and 2 with magic loop.  Guess which ones are now in the garbage?  3 times I wound up messing up the stitches, so there were 2 or 3 rows of stockinette, and the rest reverse stockinette.  WTF?  Stoopid toothpicks.  lol  The magic loop ones are fine.  The feet and tail will be magic looped, too.  And I am going to make the ears, feet and tail for the large cat first, then make the body.  I am soooooooooo looking forward to embroidering the faces on them.  My embroidery skills suck ass.

      I am almost done with the Hedgehog.  I had to stop because my hand was killing me.  The first section of short rows is done, and now I have the decreases to do (I think).  We may have another snow day tomorrow, so Wooo-Hooo!  Lucky me!  Another day of knitting, cooking, trying to keep the dog from going stir-crazy and moving snow (to who knows where- there's no more room for any more of this shit).

     I will post pictures tomorrow, although everything looks like cat puke at the moment.  Nothing creepier than an unstuffed, unfelted hedgehog.  :-)

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