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Sunday, July 17, 2011

It's official

I was at the shore with The BF a few weeks ago.  He was in the living room, and I was walking back into the room from the kitchen.  He says to me "I was thinking about something".  So I asked what.  He shook his head no.  I said "don't think so hard.  You'll hurt yourself".  lolol So, he says, " should we get married before or after your son".  The Boy got engaged last month, had a date picked out, then they realized all his friends would be working that weekend, so they now have no date.  sigh................

When The BF said that, I turned around to see who he was talking to, because surely it wasn't me.  He always said he would never get married again.  I never pushed it.  We live together.  It's all good.  When he saw the look on my face, he said,  "oh, I guess I should ask you - will you marry me?"  So I said yes.   :-)  

Why not?  Life's too short, and well, why the fuck not.  We decided to do it in January.  We are taking The Daughter Figure to Vegas for her 21st birthday, and will do it there. I told my sister and my best friend.  I didn't say anything to the kids right away.  I told The BF he had to tell The Daughter Figure.  It took him almost 3 weeks to find the right time, and after all that, he came up with a 'hey, guess what we're doing in Vegas in January,' yelled from the other room.  grrrrrrrr  She took it very well, except that she is upset that I might change my name.  I'm not 20, and didn't lose my Dad, so I am not sure where this is coming from, but we will be discussing it over the next few months.

The next hard part was for me to do- I had to tell The Boy.  He HATES The BF.  He would hate anyone that would do 'the nasty' with his Mommy.  The poor BF cannot do anything right in his eyes- he mows the lawn crooked, he doesn't play video games right (really???  How the fuck does he figure THAT?)  So I know I was going to have a battle on my hands.  He thinks The BF is worming his way into my life to scam me out of everything.  I'm thinking, like what?  My yarn?  The spinning wheels?  A dog? Sheesh.  It really isn't The Boy's business, but we are doing a pre-nup, and my kids will still get the house if something happens to me/the relationship.

The daughter Figure has already scoped out every Chapel in Vegas, looking for the right balance of tacky/nice.  I am leaning toward tacky.  And cheap.  Definitely cheap.  :-)

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  1. Just catching up on my blogs... I'm in that bloggy state of mind right now. Glad to get the belated scoop on this... Well, you know, the details that I didn't hear or went over my head! Congrats, again!