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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Gratuitous Flower & Dog Shots

            My roses are blooming!  The red one was a tiny little thing when The Boy bought it for me on Mother’s Day about 4 years ago.  After we re-did the pool, I transplanted it to it’s current spot, and it has grown out of control.  The smaller roses are a couple of years old, and are doing well, but the Daylilies are bigger than they were last year, and I’m afraid something is going to have to go.  The pink and orange climber is so heavy with blooms it bent the trellis. I’m going to have to break down and get a stronger one, and mount it to the side of the house with brackets for the extra support. 

            The Daughter Figure saw a peony at the garden center and fell in love, so I bought her one last year.  It has the slightest dark pink on the outer tips of the petals.  The Spiderwort that is growing in front of it is really nice, and after it blooms, you can hack it back, and it starts all over again.

        The wild rose bush is also in full bloom.  It gets so heavy, I tie it to the fence with a bungee cord.  :-)  And all of the perennials we planted this spring are in bloom.

In the background, surrounded by a little wooden fence thingy is The BF's Japanese Maple.

We are babysitting The Boy's rescue pup.  He is about 6 months old now, and full of so much energy, we get tired just watching him.  Here he is with Topeka, our Chessie.  She will be a year old next month.
You can see his surgical scar across his thigh.  He has 2 plates and 2 pins in his leg.

Aren't they they sweetest damned things you've ever seen?

And last but not least, The BF on the couch surrounded, yet again, by animals.  
Dr. friggin' Dolittle

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