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Friday, May 27, 2011

Weekend doings

Last week, The BF and I went to the shore house and started throwing all manner of things in a dumpster.  My husband was a packrat.  He couldn't pass up a bargain, or junk from the side of the road, and I believe that if he lived, he would eventually have been on the show 'Hoarders'.  We found duplicates and triplicates of a million things- mostly stuff we have no use for.  He had built storage in the eaves in an upstairs bedroom, filled it with crap, and promptly forgot about it.  I screwed the panels to the wall and left everything in the space, so no one is the wiser.  I left everything in there.  It was either that, or cry.  So I got out the screw gun.  :-)  If new people get adventurous and open it up, it will be like one of those time capsules, except this one will be filled with useless crap.  Pretty much like any time capsule, I guess.  :-)

The Daughter Figure and I are going back down again tonight to finish up what still needs to be pitched, and to make the place presentable.  Not sure if I am going to rent it or sell it.  I need to bring in a Realtor to help me decide.  I need to do some quick shopping at Walmart/Target to find a small tv stand for the living room, we need to pack up tools and stuff from the shed, throw out a small fridge, and figure out how to get the full sized pinball machine out of the living room.  Yes, a full size pinball machine in the living room.  Sigh........... 

The Boy is going away for the week, so we won't have access to the trailer, but I will have access to his pitbull mix puppy.  He is coming to stay for the week.  The BF knows this, but does not know it is starting tonight.  And I am leaving tonite.  So guess who gets to watch the pup tonight and tomorrow?  Not me.  :-)  bbbwwwaaaahhhh!

It will be fun for him- an 11 month old Chesapeake Bay Retriever (with a freshly opened inground pool in the backyard), a 6 yo neurotic Springer Spaniel, a 6 month old pit mix, 3 Maine Coons, a Nanday conure and a Chinchilla.  Ha!  And I thought I was going to be the one having a hard day on Saturday.  :-)

For the rest of the weekend, I plan on doing nothing but knitting. And vacuuming the pool to get it up to snuff so the robot can take over.  And knitting.  Did I mention the knitting? Ok, and maybe some spinning.  I have just a little bit more of this lovely BFL I got on etsy from Art of Xen a while back.  I forget the name of the colorway, but I call it Neopolitan Ice Cream.  I think I will try making a 3-ply with it.  It will still be fingering weight.  I think.  When I finish it, I will post pix.  And, if I get my nails done, I am going to have The Daughter Figure videotape me knitting for youtube.  There really aren't any videos of people knitting the way I do.

On a fibery goodness note, I have entered another contest.  This one is being done by Sandra Singh.  It is for the beautiful Rock Island shawl pattern by Jared Flood, and also includes the Lorna's Laces yarn to complete it. Sandra has a wonderful website, full of delicious yarny goodness, and she also has a blog and a newsletter.

Have a safe and happy long weekend, everyone! 

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