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Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Hard Lesson

Well, I learned a lesson the other night.  Never type your blog stuff directly in the blogging area, because when it says it is being saved constantly, and that it posted successfully, it is probably full of shit.  I waxed poetic about spinning, knitting, hats and guys, and it is all lost to the internets.  Maybe somebody in Nigeria is able to read it.  Sigh………………

Okay.  Let’s start with the spinning.  I got some really nice Shetland from Midnight Purls Yarn on etsy to make my daughter a hat in her school colors.  See? 
She likes ‘cat’ hats.  I got this pattern on Ravelry.  Where else?  The Shetland spun up like butter, and I did a slightly better than half assed job of plying it.  It took like 2 days to spin the 4oz., and another day to knit the hat, because I knit slower than a whale shits.  I need to learn how to pick, not throw.
I also got a totally cool hand dyed blank from Jellyfish Knits.  The color is called Gangrene.  And because I don’t knit socks- seriously, I am always hot.  Why would I make something that makes me sweat?  I am making a shawlette with it.  Which I probably won’t wear, because come on, where the hell am I going?  The shawl is also on Ravelry.  It is called In the Land of Oz, by Adrienne Fong.  I am 12 rows into the stockinette and yo’s, with 19 more to go.  Then it’s on to the lace edging.  I think I can do this.  What the hell is a center double decrease?  I guess it will all be fine after I switch the ssk’s and k2togs because I knit ass backwards lefty Eastern Uncrossed.  Don’t ask.


  1. Your blog problems are why I love wordpress.... also you can download free offline blogging software. I love, love, LOVE blogdesk, but it doesn't support mac... drat. One strike against them is all it took.

  2. I don't remember why I picked this over wordpress. I just type everything in a word doc & paste it in here so it can't be lost. And I think it was me, not them that was screwing up.