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Sunday, September 19, 2010

knit 2, crochet 1

I am still working on my Minimalist cardi.  The back and one front are done.  The second front is on the needles.  I have 9 rows left on the main body of the In the Land of Oz shawlette before I get to the lace edging.  I think I can go one or 2 more rows before I have to switch the cable length on the circs.  I hate cables that are too long, so I push it, and usually have a bunch of stitches pop off the needles before I change the cable out. I know, stupid.  lol  Thank God there are written instructions for the lace on the shawlette, because I can’t read a chart to save my life.  I’ve tried, and have even asked people to explain them to me, but I am just not visual like that.  So, written it is.  I hope to have these both done for Rhinebeck, but I’m not sure if it’s gonna happen.  The sweater is more important, so I should really pick that back up tomorrow.
I am also finishing a 12x12 crocheted square.  I am in 3 swaps for squares. The brilliant idea was that 1 swap wouldn’t be exciting enough.  Crocheting squares takes about 2 hours for me, and getting back 12 squares wouldn’t be enough to make anything with.  So I signed up for THREE swaps.  Sigh………  The problem is that all the 12x12 patterns are written for worsted, and people are asking for fingering, dk, etc.  Some have asked for cotton.  I HATE cotton.  It hurts my hands.  Next time I say I want to join a swap, just shoot me.  The only good thing is, when people ask for something other than worsted, I get out my trusty Barbara Walker Treasuries and practice a new knit stitch.
And, for anyone that cares (which doesn’t include me anymore), the bf (stands for blazing fucktard) did not show up on Friday.  New excuse- 25 minutes to go 1 exit because of Yom Kippur traffic.  Good to know I’m not worth sitting in traffic for. 


  1. THREE swaps???? gah..... Leeeeesa, catch me, I'm fainting....

  2. I know! WTF was I thinking? I can't even think about the October ones until I finish the sleeves on the Minimalist. I can't wear 3 12x12 squares to Rhinebeck. lol