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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Weekend Plans

I am going to a big bash an old friend from school is throwing.  She’s calling it Mountainstock.  There are supposed to be about 500 people there.  Most I won’t know, but many will be from the old neighborhood and back in the day- think Middle School.  Lol  I am bringing a crazy old friend that no one is expecting will actually show up, so this should be interesting.  He can be a total ass sometimes, so I hope today isn’t going to be on of those times.  I am also bringing my knitting.  It will either make people come talk to me, or steer clear.  I don’t really give a shit either way.  I haven’t knitted very much more on my Minimalist, so I really need to get moving on it.  I haven’t touched my shawl either, because I am at the lace edging, and really need to concentrate until I memorize the repeats.  That would not go well with live bands and beer, so it will stay home, safe and sound.

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