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Sunday, September 19, 2010


The crowbar is starting to move the once immovable object. Saturday morning I went house hunting with my son, and the only good thing that came out of a whole morning of traipsing around the county was that I found a bunch of what I think are chestnuts.  What I was actually looking for were black walnuts, because I want to use them to dye some wool.  I don’t know what I’m going to do with a handful of chestnuts.  I guess I will roast them.  The first house we looked at was priced well below market value for the area.  Apparently, we chose the worst for first.  The house had decent vinyl siding and a new roof.  The problem was that it seems they put the roof on about 2 years after the interior of the house had been ruined by water damage.  Every wall, from the top floor to the basement was covered in mold.  My son is asthmatic, and has mold allergies.  The house stunk, and the only way to repair it would be to knock it down.  To top it off, the chestnut tree had a fungus, and it would need to be taken down.  It was huge- that would cost at least $3,000.00 - $4,000.00, and the street would have to be closed while they did it.  Which probably costs more.

The next house was really nice.  Except- and there’s always an except, they turned it into an illegal 2 family by, get this, cutting steps into the garage floor to enter from the inside.  Clever.  No one could see people coming and going from this entrance, but now the garage is useless as a garage.  Unless you want pull a General Lee and jump the gap to park your car.  And again, mold.  This time though, it was confined to the basement.  For some odd reason, the people laid wood over the concrete then covered it with carpet.  Mmmmm………  Can you say stupid?
The third house was just a general dump.  The highlight of that one was that the realtor, following her trusty gps, turned the wrong way down a one-way street.  She must be a Tea Partier- she apparently follows blindly.  lol   Needless to say, the mother (me) driving the police officer (son), did not follow.  The kid was having a stroke- she’s lucky he didn’t have his ticket book on him.  Haha

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