The Twisted World of Fiber, Hooks, Needles, Wheels and Dating after Widowhood

This is my story, and I'm sticking to it. Warts and all. I wanted to call it 'Seriously? WTF?', but that doesn't quite explain it all. Or does it?

Saturday, November 6, 2010


        What a great day.  I cleaned The BF's apartment and took his stuff to the laundromat.  I don't think I've been in a laundromat in 20 years.  Some things never change.  lol  I put most of his stuff in a giant washer, then put the towels and other stuff in a smaller one.  Then I waited.  And knit. And listened to everyone speaking Spanish.  And knit some more.  Top 40 playing on the radio.  Yuk.  lol  When the larger machine stopped, I opened the door and water came pouring out.  It never drained for the spin cycle.  Sigh....  The attendant was very nice, and went to get a mop while I tried to get the sopping wet clothes into the next machine.  He then got it going for me.  The. Whole. Fucking. Wash. Cycle.  AGAIN.  I cannot believe he couldn't just set it to spin.  Grrrr.  So, I knit some more.  And dried and folded the smaller load.  And wondered why I didn't drive the whole damned pile of clothes the hour and 15 minutes to my house and wash everything in my nice machine.  Couldn't have taken much longer.  :-)  When I got home, I continued the cleaning thing.  I tackled the back room, which is my computer room.  It was getting hard to find the computer, and this room is going to become the 'cat' room/man cave when The BF moves in.  There wasn't even a spot big enough on the couch in here for a cat to lay on, so I jumped in and shoveled all the shit out.  A laundry basket full of yarn, 2 bags of garbage and 3 bags of paper to recycle later, and it looks like a room again.  :-)  I wish I had a before picture. The white ceramic stove is where I keep all my spinning fiber.  And that's my Minimalist hanging over the chair.  The room is done in an Oriental motif, so ignore the Southwest pattern on the couch.  The slipcover is in the wash.

        I finished one of the three October squares that were supposed to be mailed by October 20th.  I suck.  I admit it, ok?  The second one is on the needles and half-way finished.  I am dreading the 3rd one, because she asked for it to be in fingering weight.  Seriously?  Who the fuck makes a blanket out of 12x12 fingering weight squares?  And how long will this take me to make?

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