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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Another ribbing project

I am making yet another scarf.  The BF was watching me make his beautiful black alpaca scarf, and asked who it was for.  I said him, and he said he thought he asked for red.  Sigh…….  Why would you ask for a black hat and a red scarf?  So……………….  I have 3 skeins of Knit Picks Swish in red, and am making his scarf from that, but working on it in stealth mode.  It is a cool 3x2 ribbing that I will wire block to have the ribs stand apart.  Then he can throw it in the washing machine and panic when it dries back to it’s original shape.  I will enjoy that.  lol  I am also making a ribbed hat for the older nephew and The Boy’s girlfriend.  The smaller hat started out on dpns, but I am going to convert it to magic loop, because I think it goes much faster for me.
                We are supposed to be closing on The Boy’s house today, but the lawyer hasn’t come up with the exact closing costs yet, the seller hasn’t proved that he completed all repairs we agreed on, and the underwriter is fucking insane.  It is not good enough that they have signed gift letters from me for what I am giving toward the down payment.  Nor is it good enough that they have front and back copies of the checks deposited into his account.  They want statements showing that I actually had the money in the account.  Fine- I gave them all that.  Now they want a statement showing the money actually came out of that account?  WTF?  Seriously!  The checks show where it was drawn from- they have statements with more than enough money in the account.  And the money is not coming from a regular bank account.  It is life insurance proceeds in an account with Prudential- who apparently has never heard of the internet, let alone a fax machine.  Grrrrrrr!  It takes them a week to do anything, and will only send stuff through postal mail.  It took speaking to 3 people for them to agree to send out a mini-statement showing the last 2 checks I wrote for this crap actually came from that account.  Now we wait.

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