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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Just 3 Words

Knitted Christmas lights.

Ok, I can't just put that on here.  lol  But mark my words, I WILL be making these.  I swear.  Just as soon as I finish the 3 squares I didn't make for last month's swap, and make a hat for my sister's older kid.  And start working on the sweater(s) I want to make.  Well, I really need to finish the green one, which was to be my first knitted sweater.  It kind of got thrown in the UFO basket when I started the Minimalist.  Which I DID finish, along with 2 hats.  Sigh.........  Stupid obsessive knitting in the round.  lolol

Here is the hat I just finished for my younger nephew.  Isn't it cute?

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