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Monday, November 8, 2010

A Closing?

The Boy has a closing date(s).  Anywhere from November 23rd to December 1st.  WTF?  I’ve closed on 2 other houses and have never been this far in without a firm closing date!  The Title search was started on the 2nd.  A Bulk Sale notice was sent to the State.  It takes 10 days for them to respond, which in NJ terms, probably means 3 weeks.  Sigh……  Did you know that if you purchase a house from a seller that was renting out the property, a Bulk Sale notice goes to the State?  If not, the PURCHASER can be held liable for taxes not paid on the rent collected.  How fucked up is that?  How is a purchaser supposed to know that a seller was renting the property?  Only in NJ! 
            I have to start boxing up stuff for The Boy to take to his new house.  He is getting ½ the glasses and mugs in the cabinet.  He can have ½ the towels, and I think I have dishes in the basement.  He has a nice set of couches and a big screen tv to take. He also has not one, but TWO drum sets.  I have a 2nd couch he can have for the basement REC room if he wants, an old 19” tv, an end table for the living room, and he has a coffee table at my sister’s apartment.  I will give him a starter amount of utensils and a utensil holder for the drawer.  I have 10 gajillion pots and pans he can choose from, and carving knives galore.  He can take his bedroom dressers, which were my brothers.  That makes them about 40 years old.  If I were him, they’d go in one of the guest rooms.  He can also take my old kitchen table.  I just don’t have any chairs for it anymore.  lol   And The BF is donating his old table they can use on the sun porch.  The Boy has my Grandmother’s Craftmatic Adjustable full size bed.  Now tell me, what 26 year old has a Craftmatic Adjustable?  lmao   The frame is great, but the mattress is crap, so that would also do well in a spare bedroom.  I will be getting a new King size bed to accommodate The BF and the menagerie, so The Boy can have my Queen if he wants, or he can buy himself a completely new bedroom set- mattress and all.

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