The Twisted World of Fiber, Hooks, Needles, Wheels and Dating after Widowhood

This is my story, and I'm sticking to it. Warts and all. I wanted to call it 'Seriously? WTF?', but that doesn't quite explain it all. Or does it?

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sewing and stuff

Here are the pictures of the Birdie Sling I made. 

                          Can you spot the helper cat in this picture?   lol  The white ceramic stove behind my cutting table holds all my spinning fiber.  The floor holds all the shit I am too lazy to pick up.  :-)

       I have material here to make another one in black and cream, and more fabric is coming to make one for The Daughter Figure.  I think I am obsessed.  It happens with everything I do.  lol   I also am waiting for her new book, Amy Butler’s Style Stitches, because I want to make ALL THE PURSES!  I also made dpn pouches for all my toothpicks dpns.  I machine embroidered the sizes on the cases to make it easier.  I used Amy Butler fabric from  They have some good deals.  AND bought 1 bolt each of interfacing and batting from to make a shitload more purses.  See the obsession taking hold?  This is how I roll with everything- crochet, knitting, spinning, reading.  I have EVERY crochet hook known to man, and most every book.  Same with knitting stuff.  I have fiber up the wazoo for spinning, and a drop spindle that I am too spaz to work.  I have a very good (fro back in it's day) sewing machine, a serger, a pressing ham (really ??), 2 irons... you get it.  And when I find an author I like, I devour everything they've written.  Book, after book, after book.    lol 

       I started a turquoise Huggable Hedgehog for The BF last night, even though I have the Anise and the 3rd Stackable Cat on my needles (and a pillow, and an Emerald Isle Cardigan).  Sigh…………..  The hedgehog seems to be going fairly fast.  My GF that I met in our Rav crafting group gave me the fun fur for his back, because I threw all mine (um. Ok.  Word wants me to change mine to mines.  Do I have the Ebonics version of the program?) out like 3 weeks ago when I moved everything downstairs.  I said to myself- when the fuck are you ever going to use all this crappy novelty yarn?  Hahahaha!  Smart move.


  1. That is a really pretty bag. Excellent job!! =)

  2. Thanks! I became obsessed and bought material to make like 10 more. :-)

  3. I love your comment about your floor! LOL Aint that the truth! Love the bag!