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Sunday, October 31, 2010

UMass, Webs, and Rocky Horror. Happy Halloween!!!!

Let me say one thing before I begin- the people of Connecticut cannot drive for shit!  For Shit, I say!  OMG, how does it take 40 minutes to go 3 miles?  Why do they have to STOP and gawk at a DOT truck on the side of the road?  Why are tractor trailers allowed in the fast lane?  On hills?  FML.  A 3+ hour trip took 4.5 hours.  Thank you, Connecticut.  I’ll tell you, when she went to University of Michigan, we were driving on Route 80.  On the other side of the divider, a truck had overturned and spilled it’s cargo all over the hiway.  The cars on our side kept going 80 mph.  That’s right!  It was none of their fucking business, so they kept right on going!  Yeah, Midwest drivers!  They need to teach the Tools from Connecticut to mind their own fucking business.  (steps off soapbox)
I came to Massachusetts Friday afternoon to visit The Daughter Figure for the weekend.  She attends UMass.  I always love to see her, but I also always love to take the trip to Webs. It’s only 10 minutes from her school.  lol   She accuses me of sending her to UMass so I can go yarn shopping.  I plead the 5th.  I brought the puppy.  She loves to ride in the car, and since she is growing so fast, I wanted the kid to see her.  The dog threw up in the car.  Twice.  Then tried to eat it while I was going 85 and looking for a safe place to pull over.  Yuk.  Double yuk.  The dog has also never been on a leash.  We have a fenced yard, so I never thought much about it.  Apparently, she cannot pee on leash.  Or poop.  Or sleep in her crate in a hotel room.  Or not eat my Berkies after she wakes me up at 6:30am on a Saturday morning because now she has to pee, no matter what.  AND poop in the handicap spot right in front of the entrance.  AND I have no way to pick up the poop, because I am in my pajamas and coat, with greasy hair and no contacts.  Sorry, and thank you to whoever did pick up said poop.  Sigh……….
Well, I took a shower, knitted, and called The Daughter Figure at 10:45.  She said it was too early.  Call back at 12.  More sighing.  Knitted some more.  I am making a hat on dpn’s for my little nephew.  He won’t care if it looks like crap.  Was gonna go to Webs, but then decided- screw her.  She HATES going there, so I will make her come with me!  BBBWWWAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!  When she finally got her ass out of bed, we took the dog for a good run at a nearby elementary school.  She even went down the kiddie slide.  (the dog, not the kid) lol  We rode over to Northampton to walk the dog through town and grab some lunch.  Well, the dog was scared shitless of all the people.  She put on the brakes constantly, and kept trying to run any way but the way we were heading.  We had to carry her.  She is NOT tiny anymore.  We sat outside for lunch at a really good pizza place, and she cowered under the table until the food came.  She thoroughly enjoyed our sandwiches, and finally started warming up to people that were oohhhhing and aaahhhing over her.  We made it back down to the car without having to carry her, so I guess it turned out ok.
At Webs, The Daughter Figure went into the loom room and played with a $3000.00 loom until she ran out of yarn, or whatever they use on them.  Then I found her at the spinning wheels, cursing.  Then she told me the yarn I picked out was ugly, so I made her come in the back and find a different color.  THEN I told her it wasn’t for her.  BBBWWWAAAAHHHH again!  I wish I had my camera with me, because she wound up slumped in a chair next to someone else’s miserable teenage daughter.  The expressions on their faces were identical, and priceless!  Their demeanor said “shoot me now!”  A mother can’t have much more fun than seeing  that, can she?  lolol
After Webs, we came to the hotel because The Daughter Figure needed a bath.  She lives for baths, and there is not a tub to be found (that you would get into without a hazard suit) on campus.  We then snuck the dog into her dorm, and she was showered with kisses and affection from the kids on the floor.  They really should allow dogs in dorms.  I think it would really help with issues like homesickness and stress, especially for Freshmen.  We rounded out the night by going back to Northampton and eating Tibetan food.  All I can say is, YUMMMM!!!  I can haz more, pleez?  Her friend had Yak stew.  I had chicken and potatoes in a curry sauce, and The Daughter Figure had beef with onions and peppers.  We stopped at Starbucks for dessert, and she left her purse there.  Of course, we didn’t know this until we got all the way back to UMass.  Now she is at Rocky Horror with 4-5 other kids from her floor.  She was dressed like a slut, and her chubby gay friend was wearing a too tight black dress, 5 inch pewter Marc Jacobs heels in a size 11, and rainbow dyed hair.  He said his feet were killing him already.  Ah, the price we pay to look beautiful!

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