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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I Finished the Hat!

But I don’t think it is going to fit him.  Sigh….  Oh well, it fits me, and it didn’t take very long, so I can make a bigger one- if I get more of that yummy, yummy Alpaca. But maybe not in black.  The hat is washed and blocking, so I will take pix of it tomorrow.  I just hope the damned thing is dry by Friday so I can give it to him.  There’s enough of the Alpaca left to make a scarf.  I am doing it in a pattern of 6k/6p, which I THOUGHT would be ribbed, but it’s just striped.  Maybe it’s the fact that the yarn is sport weight, held doubled, on size 10 needles.  Let’s just say it has a lot of drape.  Oh, well. No biggie.  It’s still a scarf.  And the black yarn is making me blind, so I’m not ripping it out and starting again.  I’m already 6 inches in. 

And I bought 15 pair of 7” bamboo dpns- size 0 to 15 on Etsy for 30.00 plus shipping!  I need these like a hole in the head.  And apparently, I need a hole in my head, because they’re on their way.  Now I can pretend I am a real knitter. lol  I will make the next hat on them.  I promise.  I will use the size 0’s as toothpicks, or to clean under my nails.  NOT to make socks.

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