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Monday, October 4, 2010

I Think I'm Going to Throw Up

Well, we are moving forward on putting an offer on a house for The Boy.  I scanned his tax returns, pay stubs, license, ss card, attached pdf's of bank statements to eamils and faxed a copy of a check to the realtor.  I am going to throw up.  My money is the down payment, but the loan will be his.  I will be on the deed with him.  I won't be home tomorrow when he gets the contract to sign, but come on- he's 26.  He can do this on his own.  I think.

Here's a cute quiz link I found to see what kind of sheep you are.  I am a Rambouillet.

I made alfredo sauce tonight to bring to the bf's house for dinner tomorrow.  Need to get a pound of shrimp at lunch tomorrow, bring it home, peel and clean it, then pack it in the cooler for the trip.  I'm leaving right after work.  I'll cook the shrimp in the sauce while the pasta is boiling.  His kitchen is the size of flea shit, but it will do. lol

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