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Monday, October 18, 2010

Rhinebeck and Beyond

On Friday night, I stayed over The BF’s so I would be closer to Rhinebeck.  It saved me an hour of travel time, but the trade-off was that he was sick and a little whiney.  I also had to sleep in a queensize bed with a 6'2" guy and his 3 Maine Coon cats. Oh well, it got me to NYSS&W that much faster. 
 This is Wicket.  She is my favorite.  Just don't tell the BF.
 This one is Honey.  This is a regular size laundry basket she is laying in.
And this is Willow.  He weighs 30 pounds.

When I arrived, I met up with two of my girlfriends from our local Ravelry group.  They were quite the enablers, although I purchased a skein of laceweight, a half a pound of undyed Polwarth roving and some delicious fried artichokes before I even met up with them.  lol  
My mission was to get a pound of undyed Cormo, but all the Cormo I came across either felt too rough, or it smelled rancid.  Someone told me that smell was probably because it was from a ram, not a ewe.  We went from building to building, touching, rubbing and smelling everything we could.  Here are some pictures of the wonderfulness that is Rhinebeck:
 boothy goodness
 alpaca cuteness
 3 guesses what these are
 The Ravelry Meetup on the hill
 Angora bunnies, which I am deathly allergic to
 more boothiness
Designer extraordinaire Jesh, Susan and Kathy, who is holding an infamous chicken pot pie
but eating a flourless peanut butter cookie.

And now, pix of my purchases:

 This is the most amazing Alpaca I have ever touched/worked with.  It is 665 yds. of brown/black
sportweight from Times Remembered.  As you can see, I couldn't wait to start making something with this.
 I already emailed them and told them I need more.  lol
 This is a laceweight from Yarn Place. It's called Graceful and is 903 yards.  No clue
why I bought it other than I like the colors.  I don't do laceweight. Yet.
 8 oz. of Polwarth roving from Sliver Moon Farm. I have a total of 1 pound of
this creamy goodness to spin.
 The picture does not do this justice.  The jewel tones are so rich in this, it will be a
shame when I spin it and fuck it all up.  It is an alpaca/silk blend from Gale's Art.
and this is 8oz. of Merino pencil roving that looks great but smells like vinegar.
Beats smelling like wet monkey, but still.  It's all I could smell on the ride home.  For 2 hours.

And my favorite thing:

This is a really shitty picture, but too bad.  It's a pin- of knit stitches!
How cool is that?  Sheesh!  I am such a dork!  lolol

When I got home on Saturday night, I wound the Alpaca into 2 cakes, sat up until 2am finding the perfect hat pattern for the BF, and cast on.  First I made swatches.  Yes, I'm a good girl.  :-)  I doubled the yarn and long tailed 72 stitches on 8's with a 16" cable.  It was torture.  I went to bed.  Sunday morning I went to the store and bought dpn's.  I've never worked with dpn's before.  I transferred the stitches onto them, then decided that they were cold and slippery, and that I need some nice wood ones.  bbwwaaahhhh!!!  Also, there were only 4, and it was fiddly, so I found a plastic 9, and rejiggered the stitches.  Then I noticed that when I switched from the cable to the dpn's, I hadn't completed the whole circle, so it was half a row off and looking pretty wonky.  But all in all, the dpn's were ok to work with.

Soooo, I ripped it out and redid it with a really long cable and magic loop.  This seems to be going pretty well.  He should have his hat by January.


  1. in mid bite are always the did warn me though!! LOL!! =)

  2. Yeah! You were able to post! I think it's a great picture of you. Next year, I'll take on of you in your CPH. Lisa