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Saturday, October 23, 2010

It Fits!

The BF came over tonight and I gave him his soft and cuddly alpaca hat.  It fit him perfectly!  Yeah me!  The only thing I would do differently is to find a way to make a dividing line between the ribbing and the stockinette, so it stays folded better and the purl side doesn’t keep peeking out. 

We went to dinner at White Castle, because I’m easy and a cheap date, and it was perfect.  We goofed around and talked, then came back to the house and played with the dogs and stuff.
We have come to a major life decision, relationship-wise. He is going to move in with me.  It will be after The Boy moves into his own house at the end of November.  The BF takes things very slowly.  He needs to wrap his brain around stuff, and apparently, that takes a while, because he has a big head.  I, on the other hand, rush headlong into everything I do.  I want him here in December.  He is thinking more like the latter part of the Winter/early Spring.  I always get my way, but I have to tread lightly here.  When he talks to the dogs, he refers to himself as Daddy.  How cute is that?  He wants to replace the queen bed with a king, because our animals sleep with us.  Picture 2 dogs and 3 moker sized cats, a 6’2” guy and a short, fat chick.  King size is good.  lol  
He has mentally rearranged the furniture and removed the paneling from the living room.  That’s good too, because the furniture has been in the same configuration for something like 15 years, and I’ve wanted the paneling taken down since we moved here in 1982.  It’s all been waaaay too long.  With all this going on in his head, you would think he would be ready to move tomorrow.
When The Boy moves out, I will have an empty room that will most likely become the dining room.  The back room can be The BF’s man-cave, since he has lived alone for the past few years.  I can respect that he needs his space, even though he hasn’t expressed this need himself.  This room will also be a much-needed sanctuary for the cats.  Or the dogs, if the cats take over the house, which I think might be the case.
Now to finish the stupid scarf that goes with the hat.

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